Friday, September 21, 2012

It has begun....

Thank-you to all Garth Webb students and parents who have visited the Library Learning Commons so far this year.  Your patience with our ongoing construction is unflagging, and your enthusiasm for the space is invigorating.

Traditional readers and technophiles alike have been enjoying all we have to offer -both in class, and at lunch.  There have been times this week when all the chairs, iPads, netbooks and desktops have been in use over the lunch hour.

By Tuesday, September 25, all the students in the school will have had the opportunity to visit the Library LC with their classes, and learn how to access our large digital book collection.

As the weather begins to turn from warm to chilly, we will be introducing White Pine Book Club (December) and the GNC (Manga/Anime/Graphic Novel Club) in November.

Remember Garth Webb.....Lots to do @the Garth Webb SS Library Learning Commons!

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