Thursday, September 19, 2013

Civics...How Go from Interest to Information to Idea to Action.

1. Brainstorm your interests and passions, kind of like this:

2. Choose your top 2 areas of interest.  Begin to find out what issues are related to those areas -like if you love being outdoors, what problems/issues are related to that.

3. Use the Canadian Points of View Reference Centre and search "environment" and "issues" and "Canada"  or check and see if your area of interest is listed in the main topic page.

4. Search the Garth Webb Library LC catalogue for really cool books and streaming video on your issue.

5. Check out some websites like these ones:

World University Service of Canada In-Terre-Actif Oxfam Canada
The World Bank
Unicef Canada Amnesty International
War Child
Save the Children Spread the Net
CARE Canada
Canadian Red Cross
Street Kids International
Doctors Without Borders
Denotes Canadian Source
m.cairns 20/02/09

6.  Make a chart to determine your issue, background information, what can be done, and what you are going to do.  Kind of like this one:

Ask Mrs. Rogers if you need help:  Don't Suffer in Silence!

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