Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thank-You Garth Webb Peeps!

It hardly seems possible that our first year is over, but they say time flies while you're having fun -and that has been very true this year. All books and fines (except for one person-you know who you are!) have been cleared and the ipads are being cleaned up, ready for September.

Thank-you to all the students who have shared their class time, lunch time and before and after school time with us here in the Library LC this year.  There will be some new cool activities and events in our space next year, but for now we will leave you with a list of things only those who use the GWSS Library LC will know:

1. Mrs. Herchell's Seek and Find
2. The "dead" fish
3. Jellybeans!
4. Backpack battles
5. One-on-one chess arch-enemies
6. Darth Vader
7. Lightbike tournaments
8. Mouse sign-outs
9. "Yes, we have that book -oh, sorry, that was at my other school"
10."It's 12:00, time to go to class"

See You in September!

P.S. Don't forget to visit your Oakville Public Library this summer and keep reading!  Want to check out novels in ebook form from the GWSS library?  Make sure that you have your student card, use the 15-digit number under the barcode (NOT your student number) and click this link: 
Checking Out Summer Reading Ebooks from HDSB 
to check out fiction in ebook format and download to your device!

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