Thursday, March 21, 2013 for Grade 10 History

  Click the link below to access  Remember, you may find any amount of information on your soldier from nothing, to photos and stories!

Garth Webb link  and Lest We Forget

Search tips:

1.   Put in as much exact information as you can (you have lots from the service records)

2.   Refine by Country (Search menu “Card Catalogue” feature –choose North America, then Canada)

3.   In the Search menu, you can limit to the type of records (eg. “Military”) –make sure that you make Canadian records a priority (option is at the bottom of the search page)

4.   DO SOME THINKING!  Don’t search outside the soldier’s lifetime, or from unrelated files –if he wasn’t married, don’t look for him in the Marriage Index, for example.

5.   Search the Public Family Trees, and Personal Story databases –these may give you some people to contact, or more information/photos, etc.

6.   DO NOT GIVE UP AFTER ONE TRY!  This is research, and you may have to try a few databases, and some different methods to dig up info on your soldier.

**Remember: You can come in at lunch, or until 4pm every day to work on Ancestry!!

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